Raising the standard of primary PE and Sport

On the Ball provide primary schools with high quality PE and Sport provision. With over 20 years experience of working within schools, we are able to provide a range of services that will raise the level or PE and Sport within your school.


Our team of PE and Sports specialists are highly trained and qualified to deliver an outstanding PE and Sport program.

We feel it is vital for children to gain a love for PE and Sport from as young as possible and to learn and understand the importance of being healthy and active. By providing enjoyable, positive experiences through PE and Sport, we believe that we create sport loving children who will grow to live active and healthy lifestyles all the way to adulthood.

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Boys During a Gymnastics Practice


PE lessons and PPA cover

We offer a fully comprehensive primary school PE program that follows the national curriculum requirements and incorporates the OFSTED framework to delivering outstanding PE. With over 20 years experience of working within primary schools we have developed a teaching and learning program that inspires, challenges and engages all of the children that we work with. Our team of PE specialists are highly trained and qualified to deliver outstanding PE lessons.


Our teaching always outlines lesson learning objectives with clear success criteria for the children to understand what they are learning and how they can achieve success within each lesson. Our aim is to achieve high progress levels from all children by effectively differentiating the learning within lessons and challenging children at all abilities.


We provide a yearly curriculum map which includes the units of work each year group will be covering as well as completing half termly assessment data for each class which outlines the level that each child is working at.


We are very passionate about engaging children in sport and physical activity from an early age so that they can find and grow a love for it, to then hopefully go on to live healthy and active lives.


Our PE programs start from EYFS where the focus is on developing the child's physical literacy (agility, balance and control) right through to KS1 and KS2.


If you feel your school would benefit from our PE program or would like more information please get in touch.


Extra curricular sports clubs

We provide fun, engaging and well run breakfast, lunchtime and after school sports clubs to schools who may be looking to increase the amount of extra curricular opportunities that they have on offer. Our team of professional coaches are highly trained in delivering clubs in a  range of different sports and activities.

Breakfast clubs:

A great way for children to start the school day and get their bodies and brains warmed up and ready for a full day of learning. Research suggests that by children engaging in physical activity, can help with concentration and focus in the classroom and are able to apply themselves better towards their academic work. Breakfast clubs can range from any sport to fitness or yoga based sessions.

Lunch time clubs:

Our lunch time provision can range to suit the needs of each school. We can provide clubs that run in a different space away from the playground (e.g indoor hall) in a specific sport for children who have either signed up or that have been chosen by the school. We can also provide structured play sessions within the the playground where one of our coaches will deliver an activity or sport in a designated area of the playground.

After school clubs:

We provide after school clubs in a range of sports and activities. These clubs can be tailored to the needs of the school and can be either funded by the school or paid for by the parents of the children who attend.

For further information or to discuss our extra curricular club programs, please get in touch.

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CPD PE teachers training program

Our CPD teacher training program offers teachers the opportunity to up skill their ability to teach PE and develop their knowledge and understanding to deliver PE lessons confidently.


For some teachers, the thought of teaching a PE lesson is a daunting task. We break down the fundamental aspects of an effective PE lesson and show how to apply teaching skills to a PE lesson. We gradually increase the teachers level of involvement within the lessons week by week and by the end of training program, teachers will be confident to deliver a full PE lesson on their own.


We provide a PE scheme of work and lesson plans for teachers to work from.

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss how our CPD program could work within your school

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson



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